Cortex HDC-1000 Digital Music Controller
Cortex HDC-1000 Digital Music Controller

Cortex HDC-1000 Digital Music Controller

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Standard Features & Improvements

Full CBR and VBR MP3 Compatibility
The HDC-1000 can play all your MP3's; CBR or VBR at any bitrate up to 320kbps.

Support for various hard drive & flash-based music players such as Apple iPod™ and External CD/DVD Rom Drives
Take a client's request from his iPod or USB memory flash drive, plug it in, and play it right away without having to reboot the unit. With two USB ports (and support for up to 4 devices when using a USB hub), the HDC unit allows users to connect and recognize multiple storage devices to access a variety of separate music databases simultaneously. No need to abandon the CD collection, the HDC-1000 is able to play audio CDs with any compatible USB CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive. Play back user-created CD-R's or DVD-R's loaded with MP3 or WAV music files using a compatible USB CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive. 

Due to Apple limitations, the iPod® iTouch, iPhone & Mac formatted Classics are not compatible with Cortex products.

Intelligent Music Database Management
The HDC-1000 uses a database management system that allows the user to search through a massive library of music within seconds, by artist, title, genre, album or even by string.

Multiple search options including file explorer and BPM search
The cataloging system gives you several browsing options, including Search by Artist, Song, Title, Album, BPM and Genre. This system allows users to search the same way they would using an iPod™ or similar portable music player. Users can search by a certain word or phrase to find tracks on their storage device, even if they're unsure of the name. When the user inputs a keyword, it will search all Artists, Titles, Albums, and Genres, and show all matches to that keyword. For instance, searching for the word 'LOVE' might bring up (3) artists. It might also find (60) titles, (10) albums and (1) genre. The user can then select the artists, titles, albums, or genres from that list.

Playlist creation with iTunes Playlist Compatibility
Easily make Playlists and sort songs based on Artist, Genre, etc., via your computer for use on your HDC-1000 unit with new Database Software. Also when using an iPod™ the iPod™ playlist will become available in the search field.

Dual 4 line 80-charcter LCD displays for playback information, parameter adjustments & Waveform display
The brightly illuminated LCD main playback screen displays info on any track in the catalog, showing everything from the essentials such as artist, track title, pitch, time elapsed/remaining to detailed information including file format (MP3 or WAV), genre, and track length and Waveform Display.

Front and Rear USB ports for easy access
As well as having a high speed USB connection in the back the HDC-1000 includes one right in the front of the machine for easy access when the unit is rack mounted. Both USB connections allow you to connect any kind of media as well as an optional USB keyboard.

USB Keyboard connection for search and navigation
Quickly find that hot new track in a massive library of music with just a few taps of a USB-compatible keyboard. Also control all the basic functions of the HDC-1000 via the keyboard like Play, Pause and Navigation.

Jog Wheel with Jog Mode Select
The HDC-1000's 2 multifunction Jog Wheels let you change modes on the fly, in the default mode the wheel acts as a pitch controller and in Jog Mode the wheel allows you to use it for fast forwarding and rewinding, as well when in any of the other modes of the HDC-1000 like Search, Edit and/or CUEING the Jog wheel can be used as a navigation tool. Scratch Effect Mode
Imagine manipulating your Mp3 files like you would Vinyl, well in scratch effect mode on the HDC-1000 you can. With the touch of a button the HDC-1000 allows you to use its super sensitive Jog wheel like you would a record and emulate scratching.

Seamless Loop
The HDC-1000 now allows you to create seamless loops during playback. Once the Seamless Loop feature is engaged The HDC-1000 can loop any part of a track, loop features include IN, OUT and RELOOP.

Savable User-configurable setup menu
All the settings of the HDC -1000 can be adjusted and saved and will be recalled every time you use that particular media device. As well The HDC's internal software can be upgraded simply by downloading new software from the Cortex website.

One Touch Song and ID3 tag info button
When either side of the HDC-1000 has a song loaded into it by pressing the INFO button for that corresponding side the HDC-1000's display will show you the ID3 tag information for that particular song.

Free Cortex Database Software
Although this software is not needed to operate the Cortex it allows you to use the processing power of your computer to create waveforms and help manage all your music files at the click of a mouse button. Databases can be created via the HDC unit or the PC application, allowing users to create and manage database files at a gig, or on a home computer (Mac or PC) with lightning fast speed. The free software can easily be downloaded off our website.

Single/Continuous play modes
Just as in most CD players the HDC-1000 lets you choose between playing on song at a time (Single Mode) and continuing on to the next song on the playlist (Continuous Mode).

Shuffle Mode for unattended playback
Once you have created a playlist with the Cortex software or even if you just have a group of songs on a media storage device in no particular order, Shuffle Mode will randomly play all the music on that particular device and automatically fade from one song to another unattended.

Playlist Support
Easily make Playlists and sort songs based on Artist, Genre, etc., via your computer for use on your HDC-1000 unit with new Database Software SE, Version 2.4 (FREE download).

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