Gemini VHF 02M
Gemini VHF 02M

Gemini VHF 02M

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Gemini VHF-02M Dual Channel VHF Handheld Wireless System w/2 Handheld Microphones - The ultimate freedom to perform is within your grasp. - The VHF-02 dual-channel wireless system offers crystal clear clarity, exceptional sound quality with many more added advantages for the best price in the market. Embrace the freedom from dangling wires and limited mobility. Perform to your hearts content to impress the audience with energy. - Technology Available In the VHF-02 System - The top-notch technology featured in the VHF-02 dual-channel wireless system is unbeatable. The dual configuration mechanism that is ultra-versatile offers you the opportunity to use any of the prevailing applications in the industry without a hassle. The hardware component of the VHF-02 dual-channel wireless system comprises of a unidirectional handheld microphones. These mics feature an ultra-sensitive cardioid capsule that plays a key role in reproducing voices. This is not the only reason that makes the VHF- system perfect
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