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Chauvet DJ SF-9005
Chauvet Timer System Package (SF-9005) Lighting controller capable of controlling any lighting fixtures including.
Chauvet DJ PC-08 Power Panel
Chauvet Power Panel (PC-08) lighting controller capable o controlling any lighting fixtures including.
Chauvet DJ Wireless DMX Transmitter/Receiver
Unobstructed distance: 393ft. Power: DC 9V 500mA 110V or 230V. Weight: 0.8lbs. Size: 6.5 x 3.5 x 1.5.
Chauvet DJ Obey 10 DMX Controller
Chauvet Obey 10 DMX-512 Controller
Chauvet DJ Obey 40 DMX Lighting Controller
Chauvet Obey 40 DMX Lighting Controller
Chauvet DJ Obey 70 DMX Lighting Controller
Chauvet Obey 70 DMX Lighting Controller
$149.99 $149.00
American DJ DMX Operator Lighting Controller
Universal intelligent lighting controller using DMX protocol. Capable of controlling multiple DMX fixtures
American DJ LED Touch
Controls up to 6 individual RGB, RGBW, RGBD or RGBD/S LED fixtures • 24 total DMX channel output • Tri Color LED for each fixture button to view output • 6 factory chases with adjustable hold/fade times • 18 programmable
American DJ UC3 Wireless
Specifications: • 4 Output Wireless UC3 controller • 1 master fixture, from each output, can run an infinite number of slave units. Use 1/4" stereo cable to link between pack and master unit, and use DMX cable to link betwe
American DJ MyDMX
American DJ MyDMX
Universal intelligent lighting controller using DMX protocol. Capable of controlling multiple DMX fixtures
American DJ WiFlex DMX System
Product: WiFlex DMX System The WiFlex DMX System, by American DJ, is a transmitter and receiver package that is compatible with all standard DMX controllers and fixtures in the market. It was designed to transmit DMX signal wirelessly, up to 500 feet, between your DMX console and fixtures. One WiFlex transmitter can send a constant/reliable signal to several WiFlex receivers. The WiFlex DMX system features a special frequency-hopping algorithm that is more advanced than the standard FHSS (Frequency Hopping) technology. The algorithm used in WiFlex DMX avoids “Blackout” periods, which is caused by interference from other W-LAN or any other wireless products using the 2.45 GHz band, and only uses channels that are not used. WiFlex DMX is the ideal solution for DJ’s, nightclubs, bars or for any event where you don’t want data cables to be seen and when it is not easy to run data cables to your fixture(s) location.
Compu Cue Basic
Compu Live Software w/512ch DMX USB Interface (Limited) Windows 64bit
American DJ – LC-8SP
American DJ / Elation - Relay Pack (LC-8SP) Add another 8-channel power pack to your CoPilot Lighting System to expand your light show.
Buzzard Lighting Pipeline
Blizzard Lighting is proud to introduce the Pipeline™ 8-way DMX distributor. The unit has two inputs and eight outputs. It features absolute electrical isolation between input and outputs, and between all of the outputs. There are two types of DMX connectors (3-pin) for each individual channel. Each DMX output features an independent driver. With the Pipeline™ you can run up to 32 units per one output channel.
Blizzard Lighting Klimate Kontrol
Blizzard Klimate Kontrol 4 Channel LED DMX Controller
Blizzard Lighting Kontrol5
Blizzard Lighting Kontrol5 DMX RGBAW Lighting Controller
Blizzard Lighting SnoKontrol
Blizzard Lighting SnoKontrol DMX-512 Lighting Controller
Chauvet DJ DMX-4
Chauvet DMX-4 LED 4 Channel Dimmer/Switch Pack
Chauvet DJ D-Fi Plus
Chauvet DJ D-Fi Plus

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