Odyssey FZUT2W
Odyssey FZUT2W

Odyssey FZUT2W

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This big boy can hold a ton of gear and keep it all organized to boot! It can hold gear up to 42 x 27 and up to 23 deep (26 from floor to top lid). It comes well equipped with 7 dividers (2 tall, and 5 flush). Two trays, one small and one large, sit on top of the flush dividers while the taller ones keep the trays from sliding into each other. Use any combination of trays and dividers to keep all your gear safe during transport. Features include 3.5 heavy duty casters, 2 super stop brakes and stacking caster plates.

  • Exterior: 44.75 x 31 x 29.5 (height including wheels), 166 lbs.
  • Interior : 42 x 23 x 27
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