Peavey PV115D
Peavey PV115D

Peavey PV115D

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The Peavey PV115D is a powered, two-way, sound reinforcement speaker system engineered to provide very high levels of performance in a compact powered loudspeaker. The PV115D is capable of generating peak SPL up to 121 dB. The lightweight yet rugged carpet covered enclosure with stand mount cup facilitates portable use for live music or PA sound. The trapezoidal cabinet has steel handles on either side for ease of portability, and four rubber feet for floor use, while a stand-mount adaptor on the bottom allows for easy speaker stand mounting. Black steel corners provide road protection to the cabinet. A black full-length powder-coated perforated steel grille provides driver protection and a professional appearance.

The PV115D speaker system includes an internal power amp to drive its own speakers, as well as an amplifier output jack to drive another (passive) loudspeaker system. It supplies up to 400 watts peak available power to the internal speakers, and up to 400 watts peak available power to an external 8 ohm speaker system, for a total of 800 watts peak available power. The amplifier is equipped with DDT compression, providing protection from excessive amplifier clipping and the consequent distortion. A balanced input to the preamp/EQ electronics consists of one combo female XLR and 1/4” TRS phone jack. A Contour switch provides some bass and treble lift when used as a background music source, etc. A Link Out 1/4” phone jack provides a pre-level send for linking multiple units together, to be controlled by a single volume control at a master unit.


  • Two-way powered sound reinforcement enclosure
  • Peavey exclusive 15” heavy-duty woofer with 2 3/8” voice coil & 50 oz. magnet
  • RX14 titanium diaphragm compression driver, with 1.4" titanium diaphragm
  • Constant directivity tweeter horn, 60° X 40°
  • Class-D powered system with up to 800 W total peak available power
  • DDT compression/anti-clipping protection
  • Signal input via combo female XLR/1/4” phone jack, providing balanced operation
  • Contour switch provides bass and treble lift
  • Heavy-duty crossover network with high frequency driver protection
  • Carpet covered trapezoidal enclosure
  • Steel handles and protective corners
  • Full-coverage heavy-duty perforated steel grill with powder coat finish
  • Steel pole mount adaptor
  • T-Nut speaker mounting


PV115D 15" Powered Speaker Specifications:

  • Frequency Range 1 meter on-axis, swept-sine in 1/2 Space environment: -10 dB: 40 Hz to 21 kHz
  • Frequency Response 1 meter on-axis, swept-sine in 1/2 Space environment: 66 Hz to 17 kHz (±3 dB )
  • Sensitivity: (1w/1m) 95 dB
  • Maximum Peak SPL: 121 dB
  • Transducer Compliment: Transducer Compliment: Heavy-duty 15” woofer with 2 3/8” voice coil & 50 oz. magnet. RX™14 1.4” titanium diaphragm dynamic compression driver, on a Constant Directivity 60 X 40 horn.
  • Nominal Coverage Pattern: 60 degrees horizontal by 40 degrees vertical
  • Electro-acoustic Crossover Frequency: 3 kHz
  • Input Connections: One combo female XLR/ 1/4” phone jack providing balanced or unbalanced operation.
  • Enclosure Materials & Finish: Trapezoidal, black carpet covered
  • 12mm MDF, black powder-coated full length perforated steel grille.
  • Mounting or Suspension: Steel 1 3/8” pole-mount cup for stand
  • mounting, four rubber feet for floor use.
  • NOTE: This unit is not designed for overhead suspension!
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
  • Front: 32.25 in. x 18.83 in. x 14.75 in.
  • Rear: 32.25 in. x 11.25 in. x 14.75 in.
  • Weight: 56 Lbs. (25.4 kg)
  • Power Amp Rating, Total Power Output: 400 watts internally (8 ohms), Continuous Power: 400 watts into 4 ohms @ less than 1%
  • distortion (when running an additional speaker)
  • Electronic Input Impedance (Nominal): 2.7 k ohms balanced (XLR or
  • 1/4”), 1.35 k ohms unbalanced 1/4”.
  • Infrasonic filter protection: 24 dB/octave roll-off
  • Nominal Amplifier Frequency Response: +0, -3 dB from 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Hum and Noise: Greater than 90 dB below rated power
  • DDT Dynamic Range: Greater than 14 dB
  • THD and IM: Typically less than 0.5 %
  • Damping Factor: Greater than 400 @ 1000 Hz, 8 Ohms
  • Power requirements of Peavey PV®2015D System: Nominal 370
  • Watts, Voltage and Frequency Ranges: 100-120 VAC, and 220 –
  • 240VAC, at 50- 60 Hz
  • Fuse Type:
  • For 100-120 VAC USE: International fuse classification T6.3AL . In
  • the USA, types GDC, GMC, 215, 218, and 477 cartridge-style 5 x 20 mm size fuses with a 6.3 amp 250V rating can be used.
  • For 220-240 VAC USE: International fuse classification T3.15AL .
  • This is a cartridge style 5 x 20 mm size time-delay fuse with a 3.15
  • amp 250V rating.




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